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Flintlock Morgans
Established in 1973

    It all started quite by accident when Pete & Gael Jaeger purchased a Welsh
pony by the name of Strawberry Shortcake. Their young daughters enjoyed
driving in the carriage with their parents but soon they were learning the
art of riding. They started at an early age, and what started off as a hobby
with the family showing horses on weekends, turned into a business and
prominent Morgan training stable in 1973.

Flintlock Provides Professional Training and Care

  The first Morgan arrived in the early ‘70’s and of course was followed by more, and more. And although all were loved and their particular talents appreciated, the farm got more into performance and breeding as time went on.  At any time there are 8 or more Flintlock Owned Morgans of all ages on the farm.

    We are a mere 23 miles from a wonderful show facility
(Gov. James B. Hunt Arena) in Raleigh, NC, and we attend a
number of “A” rated shows there, starting with the Raleigh
Spring Premier in April and ending the show season with the
NC State Fair Horse Show in October.  Lexington,
Virginia; Northampton, Mass and the Morgan World
Championships in OKC are usual show stops for our farm
tour during the summer months.

Flintlock Breeds and Shows Quality Morgan Horses

    Our young daughters, Jamie Jaeger Fiocco and Christine
Jaeger Clark are still involved with shows and Morgan
horses.  Our oldest daughter Jamie owns the many time
World Champion, Carmen Miranda, who she has owned
and shown since she was a two year old mare. Christy,
after a “time out” to have three children; Dylan, Garrett
and Keaton Mae, has been back in the saddle and
enjoys competing with some of the farm owned Morgans.

World Champion Carmen Miranda

    Our goals have not changed very much over the past
36 years.  We participate with Morgans to have fun, to
promote our wonderful breed and to be able to impart
knowledge to others so that they might be able to enjoy
Morgans of their own both in and outside the show ring.
We, Gael and Pete, have been honored in many ways
by both the local club and the national association.  Our
involvement transcends the Morgan breed as we have
participated in everything from Pony Clubs to
the N. C. Horse Council.

Owners Pete and Gael Jaeger

We take pride in matching up new clients with Morgans that are suited to them, their abilities, their desires and perhaps even giving them new insight or new goals of their own.
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